Holi Gifts

Holi is the festival of colours. The colourful festival spreads love, trust and brotherhood. People celebrate Holi with great zest. Gifting on special occasions has been continued since long. Holi gifts too make the recipient feel special. The gift selected to be given on Holi should emit a positive vibration and should covey the feeling of love and respect for the recipient.

Selecting Holi Gifts

While selecting an appropriate holi gift for your loved one, remember that it should portray the true spirit and a positive picture of the festival. Selecting the most ideal Holi gift from bunch of gifting options available in market is bit difficult. You should keep following things in mind to choose right Holi gift this season:

1. The gift should well befit in your budget as well as whatever you are planning to present to your dear ones should be of their interest and impress them.
2. Keep the receiver's likes, dislikes and your relation with the receiver in mind.

Most Popular Holi Gifts

Looking for Holi Gifts for your dear ones; finding difficulty in it.....You can browse the options available on the Internet and select one among the many Holi Gift ideas or we here present to you some popular choices of Holi Gifts that are just perfect for the occasion.

Festivals are the time to show your love and affection together with the sweetness of a box of sweets or gujias. Homemade gujias is a cheap and most popular Holi gift. Sweets add up to the mood of this fun festival. Now new trend says Chocolates are also becoming the favorite gifts in India.

The splash of many bright colours on white clothes are striking so gifting clothes especially white clothes is indeed a good idea. Special gift for some extra special people of your life well deserve crisp cotton sarees or salwar kameez for women and Chikan kurta-pajama for men as a Holi gift.

Holi Gift Hamper:
Markets has variety of beautifully packed holi gift hampers for all. These symbolize the spirit of this colour filled festival. Holi hamper include packs of colour like gulal, magic colours, spray or water guns, water colours, balloons, idol of Lord Krishna etc. Kids especially love being gifted with colours and water guns.

The idols of Lord Krishna and Radha on Holi are just perfect Holi gift for it invokes devotional feeling.

Greeting Cards:
Sending greeting card on Holi is all time popular activity. Now you can also send e-greetings on Holi to your near and dear ones anywhere in the world.

Home Care Kit:
It is a good option for Holi Gift. Creatively decorated assortment of potpourri, mild hand wash, fragrant towels, exotic incense sticks, air freshener or sprays is surely a great Holi gift for easing post Holi stress.

Personal Care Kit:
Personal care items as Holi gift are an innovative idea. A decorative box having coconut hair oil bottle, sandalwood powder pack, moisturising cream, nail paints, facial cleanser, a sunscreen lotion, some scented tissues etc. will be a good gift to a woman.

The Spa Kit:
The aromatherapy oils in spa kit distress you after playing Holi. The exotic Spa gift Kit may include bath salts, massage oils, natural soaps, a fruit or vegetable face pack, a pumice stone, Aloe Vera gel or a natural cream etc. You may also gift a spa hamper.