Holi Significance and how to celebrate

Holi festival of colors is celebrated after the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. The significance of Holi is the victory of good over bad. In Hindu mythology there are many myths and stories on to why Holi is celebrated in India. Among all very well known Myth of holi is of Prahlada and demon Holika. Hiranyakashipu a great king of demons was granted a boon by Brahma that no one could kill him. His son prahlada was a great devotee of ord Vishnu. To kill his son prahlada king tried all kinds of threats but failed. Finally he ordered prahlada to sit on fire on the lap of his sister Holika who had a boon which prevented fire from burning her. Prahlada continuously chanted the name of Lord Vishnu and he survived and holika was burnt to death. The burning of Holika is celebrated as Holi.

The second myth is based on the evergreen love of Radha and Krishna. Krishna being naughty plays a prank by colouring gopi’s and Radha. The third myth is associated with Kamdev and Lord Shiva. Kamdev the God of love distracted Lord Shiva when he was meditating. In anger Lord Shiva opened his third eye and turned Kamdev into ashes. This happened on the day of Holi. Later for the sake of Kama's wife Rati Lord Shiva restored him as mental image, this represents the true emotional and spiritual state of love. Last but not the least myth of Dhundi she was a demon who had gained several boons killed children and ate them. But by the curse of Lord Shiva she was destroyed by the pranks of young boys.

Holi is a religious spring festival also known as Basant-Utsav which lasts for 16 days. Most celebrated in the areas connected to Lord Krishna such as Mathura,Vrindavan,Nandangaon Barsana etc. On this auspicious day people get dressed in white clothes and play throwing colors on each other, they also lit bonfires known as Holika Dahan Hand offer prayers. Children play with water syringes, guns and balloons filled with water. People prepare many snacks and sweet items such as Gujia, Malpua, Papad Matari, Dahi Bada ,Puran poli etc. In the night people serve milkshakes known as thandai made of cannabis known as bhang. People dance on the rhythm of dholak, sing folk songs and have fun with their friends and family.